We take care of your best friend. That is the belief of every staff member at Crossroads Animal Clinic.

We provide a full range of veterinary services for your pet ranging from exams, vaccinations, and dietary concerns to state of the art diagnostics including an in house lab and digital radiology. We strive to provide the quality veterinary care for your pet during all of your pet's life stages.

Anesthesia & Surgery

Your pet's health and safety is our number one priority. To ensure this, Crossroads Animal Clinic requires that each pet undergoing surgery have pre-surgical blood work. This blood work enables us to detect any underlying problems that could lead to complications during surgery.

Anesthetic protocols are customized to each individual patient and utilize the safest form of gas anesthesia available. All surgical patients are monitored with an EKG and pulse oximeter while fluids are continuously administered through the use of an IV catheter. The use of fluids helps maintain blood pressure, support the kidneys, and provide quick access for emergency medication, should the need arise.


A dog or cat ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to create an internal image of your pet's body. It's a non-invasive and painless procedure. It can provide insight into heart health, intestinal health, or pregnancy. Ultrasounds are available by appointment.


Crossroads Animal Clinic is equipped to provide hospital care for your pet at all levels of treatment. We provide outpatient care as well as care for critically ill patients.

Sick and critically ill patients are constantly monitored in our main treatment and observation area where we can provide ICU measures, oxygen therapy and IV fluids if necessary.

Dental Care

Did you know that pets can have dental diseases just like humans? Many problems can be avoided by visiting your veterinarian for annual dental checkups, regular cleanings, and by practicing home dental care.

If your pet has bad breath or bleeding gums they may be suffering from periodontal disease which could lead to tooth loss and the spread of bacteria through the bloodstream to other major organs in the body.

It is estimated that at least 60% of all dogs and cats in the US are suffering from periodontal disease. We believe that your pet's overall health could benefit from regularly scheduled dental cleanings.

Cold Laser Therapy

Crossroads Animal Clinic offers laser therapy as a painless treatment option for your pet.  Laser therapy can relieve pain, reduce swelling and increase range of motion.  Laser therapy can help with Osteoarthritis, Joint Pain, Tendinopathies, Edema and Congestion, Ligament Springs, Muscle Strains, Puncture Wounds, Post-Traumatic Injury, Post-Surgical Pain, Neck and Back Pain, Hip Dysplasia, Burns, Chronic Wounds, Rehab, Post-Orthopedic, and Surgical Recovery.  

Contact Crossroads Animal Hospital at (254) 776-9393 to discuss whether your pet could benefit from Laser Therapy.

Laboratory & Diagnostics

Crossroads Animal Clinic offers state of the art diagnostic services. We are able to perform digital radiographs in-house, urinalysis, cytology, and complete blood chemistries in-house which provides us with immediate information. This enables us to quickly address your pet's needs.

We can also forward tests to outside labs for more comprehensive analysis. Results are usually available within 24 hours.

Vaccinations & Wellness

From a puppy or kitten to adulthood, your pet's needs are constantly changing. A vaccination series is very important in the beginning stages of your puppy's and kitten's lives. These series are designed to maximize your pet's defenses against some of the most frequently occurring infectious diseases.

While vaccinations are very important, the most important service we provide is the wellness exam. Based on this comprehensive exam, the veterinarian can evaluate your pet's overall health. We recommend comprehensive wellness exams every six months for the lifetime of your pet.

As your pet ages, the need for a wellness exam is even more critical. In addition to a physical exam, the veterinarian may recommend further diagnostic screening to monitor for geriatric diseases which are not easily detected by the naked eye.

Sick Animals

Dr. Marla K. Hendricks is residency trained in emergency and critical care medicine. This means that she has received five years of advanced training in this area.

Dr. Hendricks has advanced training in the areas of anesthesia, surgery, internal medicine and critical care.

Utilizing our in-house diagnostic services enables us to quickly address your pet's needs. Whether your pet needs blood work, radiographs, or an ultrasound our staff is trained to quickly assess your sick pet's condition and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

Crossroads Animal Clinic is fully equipped to care for sick pets at all levels of care. Sick and critically ill patients are constantly monitored in our main treatment and observation area where we can provide ICU measures, oxygen therapy and IV fluids if necessary.

Microchip Identification

We are equipped to be able to both implant your dog with a microchip and read microchips from several providers.

Extended Hours

At Crossroads Animal Clinic we understand that today's busy lifestyle can be overwhelming. For your convenience we offer extended office hours and drop off services. Extended office hours are available Monday through Friday. Please call us at (254) 776-9393 for availability.

Drop Offs

When scheduling an appointment seems impossible, Drop Offs are a convenient option for a Well-Pet visit. A Well-Pet Visit includes general exams, vaccinations, heartworm checks, pre-surgical blood work and bathing services.

You can enjoy the convenience of dropping your pet off and picking him up on your way home with the confidence that your pet has received the same excellent care that a regularly scheduled appointment would offer.

Office Hours

Extended office hours are available Monday through Friday. Please call us at (254) 776-9393 for availability.

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