Cold Laser Therapy

A Guide To Laser Therapy for Cats and Dogs

We all love our four-legged furry friends and want them to live a full and fulfilled life. That is why it is necessary for us, as the owners, to be proactive about how we care for them and what is required to maintain them at their healthiest and in tip-top shape. As a result, new technology and veterinarian care practices has brought us several procedures that can help do this when your pet is injured. In this article, we'll go over Cold Laser Therapy for pets, what it is, and how it can prove beneficial for your cat or dog. 


What Is Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy for pets uses light wavelengths to interact with animal tissue in order to help accelerate the healing process after an injury has occurred. The science behind this process is rather quite interesting and involves light energy from photons or packets of light energy to penetrate the injured tissue. These photons then interact with molecules in the injured site to provide relief to your pet. This pain that is relieved is typically related to inflamed tissue that can cause great amounts of discomfort to your animal. The result is a reduction of pain and inflammation in an injured site. 

How Can It Prove Beneficial For Your Pet

in addition to the pain relief from the reduction in swelling and inflammation, cold laser therapy can promote cell growth in damaged tissues, improve blood flow to different organs in the body, increase metabolism, and improve nerve function. The increase in metabolism is an extremely important part of the therapy because the long-term effects of cold laser therapy are illustrated when your animal can maintain a healthy body weight because they remain active as a result of the procedure. Additional benefits like accelerated wound healing and a reduction in scar formation are also possible. 

How Much Will It Cost

Cold Laser Therapy can cost anywhere from $40 for one treatment to $150 for a package of six treatments but it mainly depends on the office that you go to, where you are located, and how extensive you would like the therapy. At the end of the day, you should consider getting the therapy because it can greatly improve the quality of your pet’s life.

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