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Parasite Control

Our Animal Clinic in Waco, TX, Offers Parasite Control

Your pets are part of your family, and you want to keep them healthy and happy. Parasites are organisms that attach themselves to your pet, either internally or externally, and can cause great discomfort to it. Some parasites are life-threatening, while others can be spread to humans. At Crossroads Animal Clinic, serving Waco, Hewitt, and Woodway areas, we are here to help with parasite control. Our veterinarian offers flea & tick prevention, as well as protection for other parasites.

Parasite Prevention

Prevention is always the best policy when stopping a problem before it becomes a problem. There are many medications available that help prevents various types of parasites from wreaking havoc to your pet. You can get these preventative medicines from your local pet store or a veterinarian. However, it is important to note that it is best to ask a veterinarian about the right preventative treatment for your pet as there are certain medications that are specific to preventing one parasite. Additionally, not every parasite prevention product available is interchangeable or effective for every pet.

Here at our animal clinic in Waco, our veterinarian offers flea & tick prevention products, as well as heartworm medication, that can be applied or given monthly or every few months. In addition to offering parasite prevention treatments, we can also give you tips that you can apply at home to minimize the exposure of parasites.

Contact Us for More Information

Get in touch with our veterinary team, serving Waco, Hewitt, and Woodway, today for more information about our parasite control products or to make an appointment with our veterinarian at Crossroads Animal Clinic to have your pet evaluated. We can help your pet with flea & tick prevention, as well as prevention and treatment for many types of parasites. Our number is 254-776-9393.

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