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February is Dental Month

February Is Pet Dental Month

February highlights one of the most important and often overlooked aspects of pet care: teeth cleaning and dental health. Here at Crossroads Animal Clinic, serving Waco, Hewitt, and Woodway, we can help.

This month we are providing a free dental assessment for your pet.

Three Ways to Care for Your Pet's Teeth

Learn to Brush His Teeth: Brushing your pet’s teeth takes little time to learn, but provides a lot of benefits. When you brush his teeth, you remove plaque and bacteria that would otherwise build-up and cause problems later. Clean teeth also mean fresher breath. Regular brushing with a toothbrush and paste designed for pets helps keep his teeth clean between dental visits with a veterinarian.

Choose the Right Dental Chews: Dental chews are an excellent way of keeping your dog or cat’s teeth and gums healthy. Make sure any dental toys you offer your pet are designed for animals. Avoid brittle toys or items that are not specifically for pets to prevent tooth damage and injury.

Spot Signs of Trouble: If your pet seems to be neglecting his food, has visible damage to a tooth, or appears uncomfortable when he eats, schedule a visit with our veterinarian for a dental checkup. We can provide immediate treatment for your pet and provide advice on keeping them clean and healthy for the long-term.

Pet Dental Care in Waco

Not sure what your pet needs or what you should be looking for? Contact Crossroads Animal Clinic in Waco at 254-776-9393 to book a teeth cleaning session for your pet, or for more information about pet dental care.

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